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Join My Community Compass

Enrollment is officially open and 501c(3) Nonprofit Organizations are now able to join My Community Compass!  For our "grand opening", My Community Compass is offering low introductory rates that will allow member Agencies to post their information.  By joining, 501c(3) Nonprofit organizations will have a dedicated page to post both agency services and needs through 2021!


Agency pages can include the following details: Population(s) Served, Geographic Area(s) Served, Services, In-Kind Donation Needs/Wish-List, Volunteer Opportunities, Employment Opportunities, and Community Events.  We just need a designated agency representative to be in touch and provide up-to-date information to share. 

Individuals, families, and groups will visit and search the website to learn more about how they can give or get help. My Community Compass will help to share current needs, opportunities, and resources to create a community of give-and-take.


Contact us for pricing information to learn more about how your 501c(3) Nonprofit Organization can join!

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Thank you and we are excited to have you join our community of resources.

An MCC representative will contact you shortly to discuss your listing in more detail.

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