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Learn more about My Community Compass - how to purchase or manage a membership, how to search for items, and so on.  

Purchase a Membership

Contact us for the membership fees to see where your organization/agency fits in on the membership fee scale.


Something to Think About

Think about what your organization/agency wants to share with the community. 

Think about who will be the contact person and who will manage/update your page and details.


Take a Look Around

Take a look around your home, business, or civic group.  Are there people or goods that are available to help make a difference in the community?


Are you in need of help or support?

Remember - we all will benefit from support at some point in our lives.  There is no shame in admitting that or asking for help.  See what resources are out there.


Community of Give-and-Take

Maybe we can give our time, but we need to learn more about something.  Perhaps we are struggling with an issue, but also have goods to share.  We can create a helpful give-and-take.

Let's point you in the right direction... join our community. 

Have more questions? We can be reached at 248-933-2673 or email Stephanie at:

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