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About My Community Compass

How My Community Compass Works


Share your services

* Who do you help? 

* What areas do you serve? 

* What services are in place to make a difference in the community?

* Who can use your services?  

An organization membership on this website will serve as an additional platform to share what your organization has to offer.


Share your needs

* What is your organization's wish list? 

* Are you seeking Volunteers?

* Is there an event or learning opportunity coming up that is open to the public?

* How can the community support your cause? 

An organization membership on this website will serve as an additional platform to share your needs.


Be “Searchable”

By sharing organization information through your membership, Community members will be able to search and find you when...

* They have items no longer needed but are willing to share with others in need

* They want to make a hands-on difference

* They want to see the various opportunities for community engagement

* They are in need of assistance

* And more!

Community Organizations

Community Organizations purchase memberships. Through membership, Agencies will be able to self-manage their information to share needs (in-kind goods, volunteer postings, events), opportunities (events, education) and available resources (support and assistance).  Organization memberships will serve as additional outreach tools.


Community Members

Individuals, families, and groups search through the posted needs, opportunities, and resources to learn more about how they can become engaged with Community Organizations. Search functions will include location, populations served, cause/topic,  volunteer roles, education, opportunities, events and more.


Searchable “Database”

With information posted and managed by member organizations - individuals, families and groups can search up to date needs, opportunities, and resources to create a community of give-and-take.  We ALL need support at times and we can ALL give support in our own way.  My Community Compass helps to simplify finding diverse, supportive connections.

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